Skia: Twili Hexblade Warlock

A client reached out to me after seeing my Larien: Twili Rogue piece being sold on my Etsy page and requesting that I develop an illustration in a similar style for a character in a Legend of Zelda-based D&D tabletop game. It had honestly been a while since I had done such a piece and took him up on the offer. Apart from having a basic character drawing and description, he gave me some details about a dungeon they had recently explored and a particular Like-Like creature they had encountered. Being a hexblade warlock, Skia used a fatal blow sword drawing attack using her blade that bore a strange resemblance to Ghirahim’s sword.

Nintendo ©


Winged Notary Logo

Here’s another logo I just did for a client’s mobile notary service. She is quite the fan of birds, particularly parrots, so I worked that into the design to help provide a feeling of swift mobility.

I’ve included some of the variations for this logo. Which is your favorite?

HUSH 2018 Ad

Another year of working with the folks at HUSH Haunted Attraction to develop what both they and I consider my best work for them yet. This year’s theme really allowed me to use some neat photography to compose a creepy scene complete with haunted cabin, gnarled trees, cemetery, fog, and underground bunker. It was a bit of a rush job but I had a fun time working on it.

HUSH Advertising

The last few months have been devoted to various projects to HUSH Haunted Attraction and the various other attractions the organization is creating for the 2016 year. The latest images still in the works are some major edits to some photos that need some zombification, warts, gore, and spookiness. 

Live Long and Prosper

This is my tribute piece to the late Leonard Nimoy, whose character in Star Trek was an inspiration to so many. May he rest in peace.

I will be selling prints of this at the upcoming Motor City Comic Con beside the William Shatner piece I did last year. Their backgrounds merge when placed side by side, so they might go nicely as a set.


Happy New Year!

Hi all! It's been a very eventful year for me as an artist, mostly in terms of my new-found inspiration and beginning to sell my artwork online and at conventions. I've met a lot of people who have helped me along the way or who have just had some nice things to say that kept me going. But there are many more of you that I have not had the pleasure of meeting or speaking to, but I thank you very much for liking my art and following me.

I have prepared a short survey asking some questions aimed at getting a better idea about where my audience is coming from and what they like most. If you have a few minutes, I'd really appreciate filling it out! Thanks again and I hope 2015 will be even more eventful :)

How did you hear about my art?

I'm a Space Cowboy...

A Nathan Fillion mash-up piece in which his character from "Castle" dresses up on Halloween as a "space cowboy" that is eerily reminiscent of his character on "Firefly". Detective Kate Beckett stands off to the side amused as her partner has a moment...

Message me if you're interested in getting this as a print!


To Boldly Go Where No One has Gone Before

Here is the Star Trek: The Next Generation tribute piece I did in preparation for the Chicago Comic Con happening in a few days. Since all seven of the crew members will be attending as guests, I wanted something to allow people to get all their signatures in one place. If you are planning on going to this event or just want a nice Next Gen poster, come by my booth or check out the links below!

You can purchase this piece as a 12" x 18" print (without the IML logo) at each of my online stores:


Chicago Comic Con!

I'm excited to announce that I will be a guest artist at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, August 21st - 24th! If anyone is attending or in the area, come by my booth in Artist Alley and say hi! This Con looks like it's going to be very exciting, especially for fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation as the entire lead cast will be there! I will be selling my prints and hope to have something new for sale!

If you haven't already, you should check out my art for online purchase on Square and Etsy!

Hope to see you there!